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10 Super Food Alternatives To Protein Shakes

The most popular super food and well known sport supplement among athletes and bodybuilders is the protein shakes. This is a well-known fact by sport lovers and supplement manufacturing companies that proteins are good supplementation when it comes to competitive sport and muscle building.

Protein is necessary for our everyday usage because it aid the chemical reaction in the body that helps maintain a good living. When protein is added as a food supplement, it helps to maintain weight, reduce the desire to eat useless, and worthless foods, and fill up the belly naturally, making you not to go hungry sooner.

Protein shakes has a role to play in enhancing the body's anabolic growth. Without sufficient protein intaksuper food alternativee, building muscle mass will be a challenging task to perform by would-be bodybuilders.

One problem with bodybuilders is that they neglect the importance of taking protein shakes to eating whole foods instead. The problem is not that taking whole food is bad, but for best results capable to get you the best bodybuilding result, taking protein shakes with whole food is the best way to achieve a well-toned body.

Why You Should Consider Swapping Shakes For Food Replacements

As long as it has to do with body fitness, what you consume and how you eat it is very important to your overall health.  To this end, it is very vital and beneficial to follow a consistent healthy diet pattern

10 Natural Super Foods That Performs As Better Protein Shakes Alternatives 

Here are some best super foods to boost your athletic performance as well as give you super bodybuilding benefits with less adverse health implication at the long run

Milk –

This dairy product is highly nutritious and comes with numerous health advantages. In fact, milk is known to consist of 9 most essential nutrients that the body needs, including calcium and vitamin D, which is good for the bones and the teeth respectively

Some great advantages of taking milk is that, if you are hoping to having a good looking skin, taking milk helps your skin to glow, it helps in the boosting of the immune system, it also reduces the stress level in the body and also provides other general health benefits.

Beans –

This is another good source of protein. It contains vitamins and minerals like magnesium, potasium, zinc,and vitamin B6 among others.the 3 day military diet menu

Taking beans regularly also boost the amino acids in the body such as lysine. Although beans are plant-based super foods, it is very effective in controlling the cholesterol level in the body, reduces the risk of diabetes, cancer, and other illnesses not forgetting its antioxidant effects it provide for the body.

No matter the kind of beans you eat, whether it’s the black beans, navy beans, Italian beans, or the so called kidney beans. They are generally nutritious and a good alternative to other source of proteins like meats because beans are far less expensive.

Whatever your diet plans is, either vegetarian or not, beans are the perfect choice to get lean muscles and control your weight gain.

Chicken Breast –

There is no way you prepare your tasty chicken breast that it will not bring in some impressive health benefit while also boosting your protein levels

if you are planning on a low-fat diets, eating the chicken breast is considered necessary because it reduces some medical condition such as the heart disease. So if you are interested in weight loss, eat more chicken breast regularly

Hardboiled Eggs –

There are two parts to the boiled egg, the white part and the yellowish yolk part (containing the most nutrients) although boiled eggs takes time to cook, but it’s very easy to prepare. It is considered very good to eat both the whitish and the yolk together to get the complete nutrients.

Turkey Breast –

Eating turkey breast plays an important role in the body (cognitive and psychological). it is advisable to compliment your diet with a well prepared turkey breast because your body needs the protein found in it to build up as well as to repair your muscles. Turkey breast contain amino acids, minerals such as zinc, niacin, vitamin B12 and potassium. 

Hemp Seeds –

This is a highly nutritional seed. Hemp seeds are plant-based super foods with high level of nutritional benefits rich in Omega 3 fats, amino acid essentials, including the 20 well known amino acids, vitamins and minerals. 

 A lot of people are unaware of the many potential in hemp seeds, medical studies has revealed that hemp seed contains a high amount of GLA (Gamma Limolenic Acid). GLA is a kind of fatty acid that balances the hormone, helps in reducing weight gain, enhances skin quality, improve joint health, and generally keep you looking good.

Fat-Free Greek Yoghurt –

You can find Greek yoghurt in most supermarkets. They are awesome and taste great too.
A cup of fat free yoghurt is made up of 25grams of protein compared to regular yoghurts which contain just 13 grams. The yoghurt can help delay hunger which is good to aiding weight control, also contain in the yoghurt is a 140 calories per cup, making it a good option for a calorie controlled snack.

 Low-fat Cottage Cheese –

The cottage cheese contains healthy fat as well as other beneficial vitamins. This cheese is ideal for any skinny guy hoping a build muscle mass and also repair their muscle tissues.Although this low-fat cottage cheese is animal-based protein it is very rich in amino acid essentials

Nuts –

These are one of the swiftest and reliable natural protein shake alternative that can be easily added to your diets. it is said that eating nuts regularly increases long life and helps reduces the risk of some diseases like diabetes.
Apart from the fact that they are very healthy protein source, they can also be very filling too.

Nuts contains reasonable amount of Omega-3 fatty acids, protein and fibers. If you are having a tough time choosing the best nut to eat considers taking Almonds. They are better than eating "junk foods".

Oily fish –

One super food for weight loss is oily fish. This is because this fish contain high content of protein, omega-3 fatty acid, and mono and polysaccharides fats.

As it is well known that omega-3 has a lot of advantage in the body like preventing heart attack to boosting brain function, weight loss, reducing blood pressure, and improving vision among other incredible benefits.
Tuna fish is the most preferred of all the fishes to contain the above health benefits including building the red blood cells which can lead to increase in energy.

Another fish to consider providing the above benefit is the Tilapia fish. Consider these fishes as good alternatives to protein shakes 

Reason For Substituting Protein Shake

Protein shakes are good for what its intended for; a supplementation to proper diet. However with so many supplement varieties you find online, it could be very protein-shake-glassconfusing and hard to find the right protein shake to drink.
Getting addicted to drinking protein shake is not considered to be a good lifestyle.

Here are some reasons to change your dietary supplements to a more natural one.

  Poor Ingredient Profile –

Most of the ingredients that are found to make up the protein shakes cannot all be relied upon because many of the sources cannot always be ascertain by consumers. Some might contain unnatural flavors, fillers and unwanted compositional blends making the inherent nutrients inactive.

 Incomplete Nutrition –

Most protein shakes do not contain other vital nutrients the body might need, and most often the nutrient found in protein shakes are of lesser nutritional value as it has been complemented with other chemicals that they claim to be good for the body. Unlike protein rich super foods that contain more than just natural protein but also contain natural vitamins and minerals that boost the overall wellness of consumers.

 Eliminated Risk Of Protein Shakes Side Effects –

Side effects associated with protein shakes cannot be overruled as some of the contents in the shake is unknown and the amount added to make the shake is not regulated. To avoid these side effects it is well advised to get natural and organic ingredients and this is always possible with natural foods.

Amino Acids Vs Protein Shakes: Which Is The Better Choice?

Amino acids are made from proteins. And they are one of the energy building blocks the body needs for a healthy living.
The human body system can be compared to a factory machine that requires diesel before it can operate properly. So also is the human body, when food is ingested, the body absorbs these foods through human complex mechanism of our gastrointestinal tracts and propels the body to function properly.

Best Protein shakes are a mixture of best protein powder with your preferred best liquid source like milk, juice or beverage. The intake of protein shake is to eliminate potential challenges as a result of nutritional deficiencies.
It is vital to form a healthy eating habit that will keep the body fit and strong. A healthy eating body will build the muscles, maintain it and also repairs the body cells from any damage as a result of injury

Both amino acids and protein shakes are both healthy nutritional source and are common in most dietary supplements.
They are both known to increase the energy level, and also increase lean muscle mass. 

The Truth About Amino Acids

There are two types of amino acids, the essential amino acid (EAAs) and the non-essential amino acids. 
The essential amino acids are those minerals the body cannot produce by itself and are therefore gotten from other source. While the non-essential amino acids are those that the body has the mechanism and the capacity to produce without difficulty.

At times when situations like illness, stress or injuries occurs; the body by itself produces some little amount of amino acids to counter such situation The non-essential amino acid sometimes called the conditional amino acids include: tyrosine, arginine, glycine, cysteine, serine and proline

When we eat super rich foods like chicken, fish, nuts, beans, eggs, spinach, meats etc the digestive mechanism in the body helps to breaks down these foods (protein molecules) to what is known as amino acids

Valine, isoleucine and leucine are the 3 Branched amino acids (BAAs) that help to relieve stress, boost healthy development of the muscles, boost athletic performance, increase protein synthesis and reduces muscle wastage
BAAs supplements (if taken by bodybuilders) are known to facilitate amplified strength and muscular endurance that helps them overcome fatigue and lack of energy and enthusiasm toward life.

So if you decide to eat natural whole foods or take the shakes to help you meet up your daily activities, it is advised to take it regularly so as to fill up the nutrient gap found in nutrient deficiency people.

What Are Protein Shakes And How Can They Help You?

The widely used and known protein powders are the whey protein powder, casein protein powder, and soy protein powder. These are the protein powder you use to mixing your favorite liquid like milk or juice. 
They are good tasting and nourishing intra-workout smoothies’ snacks but also can be taken before or after your workout sessions

The aim of the protein shake, either in your intra workout session or post-workout exercises is to give new life and vitality after a hard cardiovascular, aerobic and other strength training workout sessions this is also achieved in close partnership with the protein diet.

As protein is known for numerous benefits, athletes and gym enthusiast have resulted to using the powder supplement because even in large doses, amino acids found in shakes are limited in nutritional values compared to ones found in whole foods

When this happen the tendency to increase the protein shake intake is high which in turn might lead to some health challenges like high blood pressure. Although protein shakes have higher biological values and could easily help in meeting daily requirements, nevertheless, it is of great importance to not get addicted to taking larger than necessary dosage. 

Comparing The Benefits Of Amino Acids And Protein Shakes

Both protein shakes and amino acids are greatly helpful to the health if the dietary rules are strictly followed. They both help balance your weight loss objectives and amino acidalso regulate your calorie intakes
Below are some highlighted benefits

  •  The protein powders contain all the 20 known amino acids although not fully completed, while some amino acids like the BCAAs and the EAAs are not complete with each just containing just 3 and 10 respectively.
  • Amino Acids (AAs) do not have all the required characteristics to substitute for a meal. While Protein Powders (PPs) are extremely good meal replacement alternative
  •  With AAs it doesn’t contain calorie as it is short in calorie supply, while one scoop of PPs depending on the brand can contain as much as 120 calories which is ok, as long as it is still within your fitness goals. 
  •  Amino Acid supplement are packaged mostly in capsule, tablets, or pills while protein powders are mostly packaged in powder bags.
  •  If you are 'allegic' to pills it can be frustrating or annoying to swallow, on the other hand, powder might not have the perfect taste, but can be complimented by some sweetener or some beverages or juice to give it a little flavor

Health Considerations Before Taking Amino Acid Or Protein Shakes 

There are so many guys who keep asking on the safety of these supplements as they aren’t sure which one is better to consume.

Do they have harmful side effects? This depends on how the supplements are put to use. There are rules to every game and if a rule is broken, the aftermath consequences are inevitable. What this means is that if the dosage is flawed, you might likely experience some kind of side effects like muscle cramps, bloating and other related intestinal troubles.

Notwithstanding, this does not translate to mean that the supplements are unsafe for consumption. You can only experience these mild side effects if you go aboard the recommended dosage.


When you compared the diet listed above, you'll get to know that each one of them has its own nutritional values.  This means they aren’t of the same benefits. Each is quite different in that, while eating super foods can bring about multiple benefits without unpleasant health related conditions, but for protein shakes, you hardly know which of the shakes to take as there are varieties to choose from.

Also, it is noteworthy to mention that if you must get your nutrients from supplements, make sure you are getting the ones made by trusted manufacturers, and make sure you speak with your dietician before making your choice.
Remember that taking supplements when you have been diagnosed with some known medical conditions such as kidney or liver disease, or diabetes or even when you are pregnant requires the guidance of a medical expert to tell you if to use the supplement or to disregard its use.

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