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Natural Penis Enlargement Exercises: Women And Penis Sizes?

One concern that continues to get some men so worried is their penis size. The thought of their penis size not big enough to satisfy their lover has gotten them to a state where every advice on penis enlargement is noted with much interest..  

 With so many advertorial on TV shows, Radios jingles, Movie Premiers, Magazines editorials all showing that women prefer men with large penis to men with small or average ones. This makes men with penis problem feel insecure when their penis size is classified as not in woman’s category of being big.

This is one key cause why guys has resorted to using different penis enlargement methods all in the hope to getting a bigger penis size.

What Is A Perfect Penis Size – Benefits Of A Penis Enlargement Exercises

Women’s notion on what a perfect penis size is, usually varies from one woman to the next, but one thing that they generally agreed to is that a big penis tends to give lot more pleasure than a small or average one. Although there are women who are of the opinion that it is how well you use your penis during sex that matters, still many would prefer men with big manhood to men with smaller ones.

Why most sexually active women prefer a man with big manhood is that, they believe a big penis size is capable of reaching deep into sexual pleasure zones (SPZ) that are located deep in the vagina.

Also they know that a big manhood is possible to give a stretchy feeling and the feeling of “total occupation” of their vagina. This is why women who have had sex with men with big penis ended up comparing their former lovers to the one with the big penis.

Nowadays women are not really interested in what you do with your penis they are interested more in the size, the fact is if you have big penis, the women are good teachers to teach you how to use it properly to satisfy them in bed,

Also women tends to love or prefer girth to length when it comes to the man’s penis. This is because a thick penis is able to give much more pleasure and friction during penis to vagina sex compared to a thin and long penis. Although if given any option to choose between a thick and long penis to a thin and long penis, women will choose the thick and long penis anytime!

Another interesting angle to women loving guys with big penis (apart from the sexual intercourse benefit) women tends to show off their man with big penis especially when they are hanging out together and talking about their man. It’s a sign that they actually have found the kind of man any woman will dream to sleep with anytime. The jealous looks on her mates is good enough to make her day!

penis-enlargement1So, if you see a man showing off his big penis or boasting about his penis massive size, it’s because these guys knows that there are not too many guys out there that have the same. To these guys, they use every avenue to flaunt their big manhood, whether at the pool sides, public urinal, and the locker room or even at the beach.

This above cause makes the health shop these days to be filled with many penis enlargement products. To this end, many guys has come to the understanding that penis size matters a lot in giving sexual satisfaction to their partner and improving their self-confidence.

Then, the questions of; if a penis size matters to satisfying a woman during sexual intercourse used to be a source of concern to men. But not anymore, these days the most common question men ask is “how can i men enlarge my penis using safe and effective methods of penis enlargement”

One popular method to enlarge your penis, and that has proven time and time again to give the best result is the use of natural penis exercises

Natural penis enlargement exercises are flexible and effective in increasing your penis sixe by a few inches. Unlike other method that promises fast result without you lifting a finger, natural penis enlargement exercise requires that you stay committed and motivated on your penis workout exercises routines without skipping a day off it!

Apart from enjoying a bigger penis increase, you can get these other benefits when you stay committed to doing your natural penis exercises:

  • Increased sexual stamina
  • Stronger Erections ("rock" like erections)
  • Increased head size
  • More intense orgasms
  • Improvement in urinary flow
  • Higher Libido
  • Increased blood circulation to genital area
  • Overall improvement in sexual function

The only little backside to this natural penis exercise is that it takes time before you see results. The truth is – you cant grow a bigger pennis in 7 days! You need to be committed and patient with your workout regimen. Nevertheless, if you want to see faster penis gain, then you need to combine your natural penis exercise effort with herbal penile enlargement supplements. These pills will help you grow your penis fast, also it will heal your worn-out penis tissues and help in increasing blood flow to your genitals

Two Surefire And Best Penis Enlargement Exercises.

Having a bigger penis is everyman’s secret desire, the possibility of saying NO to a bigger penis is next to zero, Well, the best penis enlargement type is one that comes natural  and has been used for over a period of time with visible penis enlargement results within some few weeks. There are men who practices penis enlargement exercises along with their regular body building routine. Also along with their supplement pills or tablets.

One reason why the penis exercise is preferred is, it cost nothing except your time and commitment. The supplement pills that help in faster penis enlargement result is most often out of reach as it comes very expensive.  Therefore engaging your spare time and committing to achieving a penis enlargement success  with a regular workout routine is necessary.

The good thing is, to get a good result in a couple of weeks you need a commitment of about 15 to 20 minutes of your time everyday!

The fundamental intension to a best penis enlargement workout is to make sure the blood keep flowing to the penis.

And remember to always give a resting time in between the penis workout sessions. This gives the penis some time to rest.

Types Of Penis Enlargement Exercises To Do At Home

There is a popular penis enlargement exercise called the kegel and some also calls it the PC Flex. This method if well mastered can ensure you to becoming a good lover more also this penis enlargement technique can reduce your chances for contracting prostrate cancer.

This exercise is not only very simple to perform; it also can be done in the presence of company. This kegel penis enlargement workout exercise can help you stregthen the muscles between your anus and scrotum, although you may not be able to know the muscles at first.

This simple exercise entails that, you STOP the flow of urine next time you feel like answering the call of nature. If you noticed any tense muscle among the muscles, that is the muscle you are looking for

You slowly squeeze and release the muscle. You can practice with just 20 – 30 rounds a day and you can increase the rounds to 200 – 300.

You can spread the rounds out over the day and be aware of the muscle you are squeezing else you might be squeezing the stomach or buttock muscles.

Remember this exercise should not be done in one shot! But spread over the day.

Another known exercise known to have a proven penis enlargement result is called the Jelqing. This penis exercise helps to increase the girth of your penis.

To acieve the best jelqing result you have to massage your penis to a semi erect state maybe with the help of a water based lubrication, run down your penis with your left palm and pulling not only the head of the penis but the blood as well. Follow this motion with your other hand without letting go of the head. You can do this 25 time a week and work your way up to 200

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