Clenbuterol Cycle Guide – Definitive to Clen dosage & Side effects,

Clenbuterol Bodybuilding – A Short Overview

Clenbuterol is a medication that is used for the treatment of asthma and any bronchial ailment. Clen can do more that just being a cure for people who are having difficulty in breathing, it is also known to cause stimulation of the central nervous system and transportation of oxygen to the body 

This supplement is also known to give high-quality muscle gains to its users. This is one of the reasons its well-used by bodybuilders, powerlifters and cyclist; to make them faster and stronger in their sports

For both male and female athletes, the fact that one of the properties of clenbuterol is its fat loss properties and its ability to work on your sympathomimetic nervous system (A process where your aerobic capacity enhances your metabolic process faster than usual)

Clenbuterol Cycle

The liquid Clenbuterol cycle is of different varieties, but the ones that are very popular are 

  • 2 days ON / 2 days OFF
  • Two Weeks ON /Two Weeks OFF

This is How This Clen Cycle Works

The 2 day On / 2 days OFF – This is a straight process of using clenbuterol cycle. You take a high dosage of the pills for 2 days and the next 2 days you take no pills. You repeat this cycle every time.

The above cycle isn’t very popular among the male or female clenbuterol cycle users. Although the burst clenbuterol cycle can be used for months end, it always fails to maximize your potentialsTestimonial-BeforeAfter6

The popular among them and also most effective is the Two weeks ON / Two weeks OFF – This clen cycle is so effective for burning fat and it's very easy to adapt to.
The process is also simple – 
You start with 20 mcg – 40 mcg and increase the dosage until you get to your maximum which is about 100 mcg – 140 mcg

You stop the clen cycle after you finish your first cycle and go off again (without pills) for another two weeks. For instance, if you start the first-week dosage with 20 mcg, in your next cycle dosage, you can increase it to 40 mcg. And so forth.

Why this cycle is more popular is attributed to its quick and effective results it provides.

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Buy Clenbuterol? Vital factors to help you

Where to buy clenbuterol supplements is one question that keeps coming up again and again. And I guess most of these questions are from new clen users.

If you are new to clenbuterol chances are that you also want to know how much to buy clenbuterol. 

Well, the first thing you need to do as a first timer is to check out some information about clenbuterol dosage, clebuterol results, clenbuterol side effects, clenbuterol weight loss and clenbuterol before and after. Doing this will give you a good understanding of what you are getting at. If you indeed find a website that dedicates itself to explaining all this you can open an account with them and buy clenbuterol as you would any other products

Another excellent way to discover where to buy clen or how much is clen is to hand around bodybuilding forums. In here you will find varieties of useful answers and suggestions as to how to get started with clenbuterol cycle.
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Clenbuterol Dosageyour-guide-to-understanding-dietary-supplement-regulations-v2-1-640xh

This is an appropriate dosage if you are just starting out with clenbuterol supplement. 20 mcg or 40 mcg is recommended for rookies. Men usually starts with 40 mcg while the female clenbuterol users can start with 20 mcg for superior performance

The quantities given here are for beginners, and once you have grown accustomed to the effects, you can increase the dosage and add other steroids to your cycle. Again, what you add and use depends entirely on your goal.


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