How to Build Chest Muscles – Exercises & Muscle Growth Fundamentals

To build chest muscle, all you need to do is to apply the basic chest workouts for mass muscle growth concept that assures a more confident chest gain. Building the best chest exercises goes beyong bench pressing a bar with weights attached to it.

Building the chest muscle is very important for those with skinny body types. As the results will be very obvious if you follow the basic fundamentals of building pectoral muscles.

One great feeling you get with having a muscular broad chest with big, noticeable and strong pectorals is how it command attention from people who looked at you and also it gives you a symbol of manliness and confidence.

The most impoertant part of building your upper body is to follow the rules and formulate a regular chest exercise plan. The following exercise routine you are about to read will guide you on how to build your chest muscles with exercises.

Push Ups

One of the best chest exercises to begin building your chest muscle growth is the pushups. The reason is that this exercise also works on your shoulder and biceps making it the most common chest workout for bodybuilding.push ups

This is How To Do It:

The best posture for pushups is to keep a straight body and to keep your butt low, you need to go all the way to the floor without touching it and bringing it all back up again. This is how to get the most out of your pec.workouts. If you are a rookie to bodybuilding, this is how to get started before getting into the more advance chest workout plans.

Another good technique to add to this exercise is by adding some weight on your back while doing the pushups; this can increase your body’s intensity.

Bench Press

One core exercise in every fitness centers that every bodybuilder must attempt is the Bench Press Exercise. This exercise is the verybench-press opposite of pushups. While the pushups is about using your body mass as the weight, the bench press replaces your body weight with the barbell weight. Though the same muscle is applied, but with bench press you can push the barbell to a even more extreme limits for better muscle mass.

This is how to perform this exercise to get the most out of it:

When you lift the barbell up,you need to breathe out and when you lower the barbell,you must hold your breath (breathe in) and you need to keep your feet on the floor while your bum is kept on the bench!

Here are some of the best bench press workouts that you can do:

Inclined Bench Press Program

This bench press program is considered to be among the best bench press for bodybuilding. The reason is that this exercise is meant to build and refine your upper chest as well as your frontal and sides of your shoulders, triceps and your sides of the chest. This exercise helps you hit several miscle groups in just one exercise

How To Perform This Exercise:

For a better result you need to position your bench at an inclinartion angle of about 30 – 40 degree. If this angle exceed this range, you will be placing more stress on your shoulders instead of the chest.

Flat Dumbbell Bench Press

Another chest workout program to develop mass and strength is the flat dumbbell exercise. The difference between this type of bench press and the ordinary bench press is that ordinary bench press work more on your pectoral muscles than your shoulders as compared to the flat dumbbell program.

Decline Dumbbell Bench Press

This bench press exercise gives the best results compared to the flat dumbbell and the incline bench press programs as it makes you even stronger. This bench press puts your pectoral muscles in a more solid position to press while making your shoulder to perform a lesser rotation. With this type of bench press you will need an attendant to pass on the dumbbell to you once you are sited since both your legs are already locked by the pads of the bench

 As proven, bench press is being performed by many bodybuilders who want to acquire a strong and massive upper body.

3 Best Chest Exercises for Men At Home That Require No Weight

Do you know that there are some natural chest exercises for men that requires no weight and can be performed at home? For men, pectoral exercise is a common way to achieve an impressive chest muscle gain that can gain the fancyChest Exercises for Men of the opposite sex. The chest workouts is the most active of all men’s fitness exercise as it acts on the largest muscle group in the body.

Here are some chest workout exercises for men that do not require weight.

Spartan Push – ups:

This is a more advanced push up that can be perform by men and without using weight. And it is considered to be the most effective chest exercises for men who are looking to build their chest muscles.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Firstly you need to lie face down on your floor
  • You need your hands and legs kept straight and without stress
  • Place your left palm just below the chest region while the right palm on the normal position like you do the normal push-ups.
  • Start to push your body up while you breathe out, doing 2 or 3 sets with about 10 – 15 reps is advisable

Hindu Push-up:

This exercises is considered to be more than just an exercise. This chest workout is good when focusing on a strong, powerful and stamina driven shoulders,arms and biceps. This program also help you increase your spine flexibility

Heres how to perform this exercise:

  • This exercise requires you to stand with your feet spread wider than your shoulders
  • Next is to bend down and let your palm touch the floor as if in a dog position
  •  Bend your elbows while bringing your chest down.
  • Make sure that your chest doesn't touch the floor and move forward using your chest.
  • Push until you go back to the dog position. Hold this stance for a second while allowing your chest to open up.
  • Repeat for 10-15 times.

The above chest exercise for men do not really require their presence in the gym and to make use of the equipments..The vital thing to recall when you're trying to build up the upper chest is to imbibe the spirit to learn; and drop the all-knowing ego. Although doing an incline bench press is much harder compared to your normal bench press or fixed position chest fitness equipment A good upper chest workout will help to give you that sought after thick, muscle definition

Bodybuilding Diet to Build Chest Muscle Fast

Do you know that weight lifting can also cause some minor injuries to your muscles? Because lifting weight can make chest trainigyour muscles to work harder than necessary. Although these injuries can heal fast but eating the right food that build muscles can really fasten the healing process. As you know food is the major supplier of fuel that the body need, but eating the right kind of bodybuilding nutrients can do wonders.

So what exactly are foods that build muscle?

As you might guess rightly, protein is the most important nutritional component needed for a successful muscle building goal. Protein is necessary. Without it your body loses its nourishing looks and wanes away to zero. Here are some proteinous foods to include in your diet if you have not done so already such foods like chicken, lean beef, eggs, fish, and cheese.

How To Know The Amount Of Protein To Take To Build Chest Muscle Fast

It isn’t that difficult to really know the amount of protein to take when you want to build your chest muscle mass. What you need to do is to firstly know your lean body mass weight in kilos. You can do this by simply multiplying your body mass with 2.75 to determine how much of protein you can take daily. Although calculating your lean body mass might take some complex formulae, you can as well ask your gym instructor if you don’t already know this.

Moderate carbohydrates are also vital when looking for foods that can build your pec. Muscles.  Try to go for foods with high fiber carbohydrates (which are the healthiest of carbohydrate foods) Good high fiber carbs include rice, potatoes (without butter) oatmeal and bananas.

Water is also very important when eating to build mass chest muscles. To combat the effect of dehydration such as getting sluggish and even getting you sick, liquid is important for hydration. In fact, experts say that between 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day is helpful to flush out toxins and refresh the body

So if you are considering really getting the best out of your workout exercises and building mass muscle, water is of upmost importance.

Both bodybuilding exercises and bodybuilding diets are essential to get the best chest workout result that turns heads. So even if your pectoral workout is pre planned on a gradual process, its best to combine the bodybuilding workouts with bodybuilding diets for best results

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